Dunedin Weddings
Our Royal Daimler Limousine, Otago's most exclusive wedding package, OR
Six matching 1960's Chauffeur driven classic Jaguar Limousines, OR
3 Identical late model Jaguar XJ350 cars to enhance your special day
- Experienced, Professional Chauffeur dressed in Morning Suit for Daimler service and full comlimentary drinks & Wedding snack hamper service is provided
- Red carpet to Limousine after ceremony
- Fine crystal champagne flutes
- Wedding snack hamper optional with Jaguar package
- Cadbury chocolates provided
- Off season Discounts off our Wedding cars
- Scottish Piper available if required

Your choice of six magnificent 1960's Jaguar wedding cars, 3 identical modern Jaguars or the only Daimler Limousine in the South Island (up to 8 passengers)

1 Jaguar $410 (late model jaguars are less $25 per car) - 2 Jaguars $720 - 3 Jaguars $995

Daimler package - $645 With full service or $545 without full service - Discount available for off season, Sunday & weekday weddings - $575

Optional late night transfer for Bride and Groom to any destination in Dunedin City Area - $60

View the cars in our new Classic car showroom at 675 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin

Watch a video of our cars